Engro Foods had only recently been established by Engro a traditional giant in Pakistan’s chemical and fertilizer industry. Engro Foods launched Olper’s Milk after long tenure of consumer research and time and money consumption. During this time they are continuing observing the issues with the packed milk. After three years of their launch Olper’s Milk gain reputation among consumers and now currently holding 30 percent of market share. Within the dairy market, company now has a diverse portfolio of products ranging from different types of cream to premium low fat milk.

The packaged milk category was originated in 1981 by Milk Pak, which pioneered tetra pack milk in Pakistan. The supply chain involved collecting milk from rural areas across Punjab, processing the milk through UHT (Ultra-High Temperature Processing) treatment, and selling it to consumers in uniquely colored triangular and rectangular packs designed. By 2006, the dairy milk category was growing at 20 percent annually. Brands like Milk Pak (owned by Nestle) and Haleeb Milk (from Haleeb Foods) had led the dairy market in the world’s fourth largest milk producing country for nearly two decades without any real sustained competition. Milk Pak was identified by its green and white packaging the colors of the country and offered a brand backed with the strong equity of Nestle. Haleeb was recognized as the blue brand, and professed to have the “naturally thickest” milk.

Olper’s has woken up the competition. Milk Pak responded with campaigns of its own to reaffirm the positive equity of its brand. Haleeb implemented a response as well. And Olper’s stars cutting its market share after competition become fierce.

Olper’s, however, stepped into the foray by launching a massive campaign that started off with an introductory slice-of-life. Olper’s as a contemporary and modern brand as the name itself made sound like a foreign brand, giving the perception of quality. To a large extent, they were successful. Secondly they did some product changes picking red as the brand color in spite of greens and blues color also helped to enhance the in-store visibility and presence for Olper’s packaged milk, and disassociation from its competition. Thirdly they highlighted and expanded upon the various occasions in which milk could and should use and making it “All Purpose Milk”.

Engro Foods has recently expanded its brands portfolio by launching a premium quality ice cream with the name of Omore. Omore started its sales from the city of Lahore because of the culturally inheritor of celebrator of festival of colors i.e. The Spring Festival. They have started off with 24 different packs and flavors that attract kids and adults from all walks of life.